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I am Bill La Croix. I have been an attorney for over 30 years. I have done thousands of
Social Security and Veterans disability cases. I represent Social Security disability
claimants in Colorado, Wyoming, Western Nebraska, and Northern New Mexico. I have
represented veterans in their claims with the Department of Veterans Affairs throughout
the United States.

Veterans Disability Law

The VA disability claims process is different in many ways than the Social Security
process. The principal differences are that a Veteran can have pending claims for multiple
impairments at different points in the process and he/she can be compensated at levels
from 10% to 100% for each claim, if approved. A Social Security claimant lacks this
flexibility; they are either approved or denied based on a single impairment or a
combination of impairments. His or her claim is always at a specific point in the process
and there are no percentages of disability offered. Given the complex nature of VA claims, I
would prefer to discuss any questions a person may have about his or her VA claim over
the telephone or by email.

Important Points About Your Disability Attorney

There are a couple of things that I think are important to mention before you contact me.
First, I will be the attorney that represents you throughout the process. If necessary, I will
go to any scheduled hearing before an administrative law judge with you. If you call me, I
will either answer my telephone or return your call. That is what you should expect from
any attorney you hire and that is what you will get from me.

Like most attorneys who do this kind of work, I offer a “Free Initial Consultation”. In
actuality, I recognize that pursuing this kind of claim is a very important decision in your life.
Typically, I will talk to prospective clients as often as they need questions answered with
no charge.

Also, like most attorneys, I work on a Contingent Fee which Social Security limits to the
lesser of 25% of retroactive benefits or $6,000.

Finally, regardless of what you decide about filing a claim, or hiring a Disability Lawyer, or
representative. I hope you have found this discussion to be informative and I wish you the
best of luck.

I want to answer any questions that you may have about the Social Security disability
process, Veterans Disability Law, or any of my
Services please see the FAQs page which
has answers to all the typical questions that my existing and potential clients ask.
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