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How does my attorney get paid?

My clients sign a fee agreement that is contingent upon my success for which I will
receive 25% of the past-due benefits to a maximum of $6,000.00 if we are successful.  
My fee agreement is typical of most attorneys’ fee agreement in this area of the law
noting that this is how the attorney who signed the fee agreement will get paid.  It is
NOT NECESSARILY how the attorney who appears at the hearing with you will get paid.

Is this important?  Well, it can be because it can define how “invested” in your claim the
person sitting next to you at the hearing is.  A Contingent Fee is a powerful incentive to
the attorney at the hearing or any point in his or her representation.  He or she is the
equivalent in the legal world of an “entrepreneur” who survives or not by virtue of his or
her own efforts, skill and experience.  

I am not saying that a representative at a hearing who is paid a few hundred dollars, as
some are, or a salary, as others are, simply to appear lacks motivation or a sense of
responsibility to you.  His or her motivation just may not be as strong as it is when the
attorney you thought you hired (and agreed to pay a fee if you won) is actually sitting next
to you at the hearing.

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