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Am I too young to apply for SSA disability?

There is a common feeling that a younger individual, say less than 50 years old, cannot
be approved for SSA disability.  SSA requirements for a determination of disability do
change at different ages, especially for claimants with a limited education and an
unskilled work history.  For example, a claimant who is 50 or older, but less than 55,
who can perform Sedentary work but has only performed unskilled work or does not
have transferable skills can be found Disabled under the Medical-Vocational
Guidelines or “Grid Rules”.  An individual between the ages of 18 and 49 would
generally be found Not Disabled under the same set of assumptions.  

The underlying assumptions for these rules are that an older person has more difficulty
finding employment as well as being trained or re-trained for new employment.  The
point here is that if a person, regardless of his or her age, is determined by SSA to be
unable to sustain employment on a five day a week, eight hours a day basis due, again,
to objectively determinable physical or psychological impairments that person will
generally be found Disabled.

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