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And, then there’s the Internet.

The Internet has a lot of information (and misinformation) about impairments from
which you may suffer.  It, also, has a good number of sites that purportedly support
claimants for Social Security Disability benefits. Those sites may tell you about
decisions that awarded benefits for the same impairments from which you suffer as
well as what your attorney should be doing for you, for example, calling Social Security
every week to get a status of your claim. (I will be happy to talk to you every week even if
have nothing to tell you.  I doubt that SSA would be.)  

There are other things these sites say I should know, and in fact do know, including
filing for an
on the record decision or dire circumstances.  Benefits are not awarded
based on diagnoses of impairments.  Benefits are awarded for limitations caused by
those diagnoses as supported by objective medical evidence over an appropriate span
of time as well as your credible testimony.  

Even if the Internet decision appears to be a mirror image of your conditions the ALJ
hearing your claim is not bound by it as neither your hearing nor the one cited online is
a precedential proceeding. What one Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) might approve,
another might not.  

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