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A note about children’s claims at Hearing.

Children’s claims also have a five step process that is different than the adult process

Step 1 is the same.  Is the child working at SGA?  If yes, the child is not disabled.  

Step 2 is does the child have a severe impairment?  My opinion is that Step 2 has a
higher hurdle for a child simply because Steps 3, 4 and 5 require that the child either
medically meet a Listing, medically equal a Listing, or functionally equal a Listing to be
found disabled.  Children’s Listings are different than Adult Listings.  

The significant difference between the adult process and the children’s process is that
an adult does not have to meet or equal a Listing to be found disabled.

Finally, you have my best wishes for your success whether you hire me or not.

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