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Fighting Social Security and the legal zoo.

Many people seeking benefits from SSA put it in the context of “fighting” with SSA.  Now,
I am a veteran of the Vietnam War so I know what “fighting” means.  I also know if the
other side isn’t fighting back, it’s called shadow boxing.  The Social Security disability
process is defined as “non-adversarial” which means that SSA doesn’t fight back. The
long delays and repeated applications and appeals are frustrating to claimants in need
of the benefits; however, the agency’s procedures preclude “fighting” in any sense of
that word.   The burden to establish disability under SSA’s rules rests with the claimant.  
Until a claimant does that, SSA will deny him or her.    

I have never felt that figuratively anthropomorphizing myself into a tiger, bear or pit bull
(take a look at some lawyers’ ads and cards) and suggesting that I am going to go with
unrestrained fury for the Agency’s throat is even remotely as effective as systematically
and thoroughly preparing a client’s case to establish that his or her claim meets SSA’s
rules for disability.   Moreover, that kind of behavior is usually more negative to a claim
and rarely, if ever, tolerated by adjudicators which also means that, despite claws and
fangs in the ads, it is rarely, if ever, actually done by a responsible practitioner.

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