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How do I get rid of my lawyer?

The answer is easily if the lawyer is me.  All you have to do is tell me, or have another
attorney tell me, that you want to terminate our arrangement.  Sometimes, as they used
to say, in the course of human events things change and things happen.

Realistically, in Social Security Disability law the more common experience is that
things don’t happen for long periods of time with regard to the progress of your case
particularly if it is at the hearing level. If you are like most claimants you are
progressively exhausting your financial resources - if you even started with any.  It is
getting increasingly difficult to stay in your housing and obtaining medical care is a
challenge.  In other words, in addition to the disabling impairments for which you are
claiming disability every other aspect of your life, and possibly your family’s life, is
getting more frustrating as the time drags on to a decision at  a pre-hearing level or
from a judge.

Clients sometimes tell me that they have not heard from me recently or for a long time.  
That is because I have nothing to ask or tell the client.  
I encourage my clients to call me
at any time
.  Sometimes you might have medical or financial information that I didn’t
know about that may help accelerate your claim. As frustrating and painful as the wait
is, remember that I will try to do everything I can to help you.

If, after discussion and reflection, you continue to believe that you want to follow a
different course of action, I will advise Social Security that I have withdrawn as your
representative.  In most cases, I also waive any fees that may be associated with your
claim unless I have done a lot of work on the case which the new attorney usually
understands.  This waiver makes it easier to find a new attorney.  Finally, I make every
effort to avoid situations that might precipitate your desire to find other representation;
however, it sometimes, regrettably, comes to that.  

Social Security Disability Attorney