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Some things Social Security may tell you.

If you have been denied SSA will, in most denials, tell you that you either can do the
work you used to do or “other work” in the national economy.  Claimants I talk to will try
to argue with that.   That’s why we file requests for Reconsideration and hearings.  In an
administrative process there is no point in arguing with a letter.  As an aside, we also
get the question “What do they (SSA) expect me to do?”   Well, rightly or wrongly
(wrongly in most cases that I handle) they just told you.  That’s why we file an appeal
and prepare a case that attempts to prove their conclusion that you can work is not right.

SSA may tell you that you were not disabled before a certain date.  That date is usually
the Date Last Insured (DLI) as discussed earlier. These denials can be appealed.  The
challenge is to develop a medical record that establishes disability at least back to the
DLI.  A denial based on a remote DLI does not necessarily prevent you from pursuing a
claim for SSI benefits if you meet the financial criteria.  

SSA may tell you that you have not been disabled for one year or longer or your
impairments are not “severe”.   The first point is the “durational” issue discussed
earlier.  SSA very rarely tells a claimant that his or her impairments are not severe in an
initial denial because, in my opinion, that is just an argument the agency doesn’t want
to have whether it believes it to be true or not.

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