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What about an on the record decision (OTR)?

Before discussing the Hearing, an OTR is a favorable decision made at the Hearing
level without the need for a hearing.  ODAR personnel screen incoming hearing
requests for possible OTRs.  I do that with each new client at the Hearing level and will
do it, also, as new evidence develops in a case.  If an OTR request appears
supportable to me, I will file a motion for one.  

An OTR decision is an approval that is based on un-contradicted medical evidence, for
example no intervening work activity or unsupportive medical evidence, that ODAR
concludes can be made without the need for claimant testimony.   Indications of drug
and alcohol abuse, active or in “remission”, will usually prevent an OTR.  In an
extremely unfortunate situation, a medical determination that death is imminent can
also result in an OTR.

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