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What does the Date Last Insured mean?

The Date Last Insured (DLI) refers to the date a claimant was, or will be, last insured for
disability benefits (not necessarily retirement or other SSA benefits).  The “premiums” to
be insured for disability benefits are the FICA taxes or self-employment taxes the
claimant paid while he or she was/is working.  The result of paying either of these taxes
can be “quarters of coverage”.  

Disability benefits require twenty covered quarters out of forty consecutive quarters (or
five of the last ten years) in the simplest sense.  If a claimant worked at covered
employment right up to his or her alleged onset date the DLI is usually not an issue.  
However, if the last work activity was several years before the claimant filed for benefits
the DLI can be an issue, which means that the claimant will have to establish disability
on or before the DLI.

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